Social Savanna was made to give the communities of and Reddit a place they could get to know each other better, organise meetups, chat, game, and generally socialise. It’s no longer Imgur-only and has since expanded.

It now has over 80,000 members who use the site and app to chat, meet and play.

Features include:

  • Searchable profiles with inline editing and robust privacy settings
  • Two-step authentication
  • O-Auth integration
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Imgur and Reddit integration
  • Private messaging
  • Text and video-based chat with embeds
  • Notifications system
  • Kitty Cam
  • Meetups
  • Google Maps integration
  • PayPal and Stripe integration


Mobile App Preview

Technology: PHP5, MySQL, MariaDB, Memcached, Apache, Web Sockets, a CDN, Javascript, HTML and CSS

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